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Maintaining your pool is not a fun thing to do. It is much better to enjoy your pool and not have to deal with all the dirty work. Let No Green Pool and their Pool Maintenance Monrovia take care of the difficult part of owning a pool for you. We offer competitive pricing on all Pool Maintenance in Monrovia so you won’t take a giant hit in the pocket book when we are maintaining your pool. Pool Maintenance in Monrovia is our job. We can make your life easier by just having your pool ready for your use anytime you want.

When No Green Pools Pool Maintenance Monrovia Maintains your pool these are the services we perform.

Vacuuming – The bottom of your pool is where all the stuff you really don’t want in your pool collects. When No Green Pools Pool Maintenance Monrovia is done we will use a powerful suction vacuum to suck all that grime and dirt right out of your pool. This makes the rest of your pool cleaner just because the dirt and grime isn’t stirred up when you are using your pool.

Cleaning all skimmers and pump baskets – Any debris that is floating around in your pool is a threat to the well being of your pool. Skimmers collect a lot of that garbage. When we are doing the maintenance in your pool we will get all the skimmers and pump baskets cleaned out for you. This is where the worst of the worst is found, all the insects that can sting you. Let us take the pain out of your pool by letting No Green Pools Pool Maintenance Monrovia take care of this dirty job for you.
Clean filter and inspect pumps – Your pool filter has a very important job. It cleans that little floating debris out of the water and leaves you with sparkling clean water for you to enjoy in your pool. The other thing your filter does it take out the materials that can possibly damage your pump. When No Green Pools Pool Maintenance Monrovia is cleaning your filter we will also check your pump to make sure there is no damage or leaks. We want to insure your pump and filter system works for years to come.

Pool Maintenance Monrovia, CA

Skimming leaves and debris from Pool – When No Green Pools Pool Maintenance is done on your Pool we will begin by skimming the leaves and debris from your pool. The more proactive we are about getting the large debris from your pool the more we protect your pumps and filters from damage. It also makes our job easier. We have less material to clean out of the skimmers, baskets and filters. This is a critical step to Maintenance in any pool.

Brush all pool surfaces – The grime and dirt that collects at the bottom of a pool can also collect on the walls and steps. No Green Pools Pool Maintenance Monrovia will scrub all the grime from your Pool walls, steps and bottom leaving you will a clean enjoyable pool. This step also makes vacuuming more effective since all the material has been broken free from the surfaces of your pool.

Test pH and chlorine levels weekly – When No Green Pools Pool Maintenance Monrovia comes out to maintain your Pool you can rest assured we have the job of keeping your pool clean covered. We will test all chemical levels to insure that the water is kept in that perfect balance to keep down the growth of algae and water borne life forms. The trick to this is to keep that waters’ pH balance at an exact level. When the water is at this point you wont have issues of algae growing on the walls of your beautiful pool.


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Refill automatic chlorinator with chlorine tablets – Part of controlling the pH balances in a pool are to make sure that the chlorine levels are at the right level. The best way to control this is through the use of an automatic chlorinator. This will keep that perfect amount of chlorine coming into your pool at all times. It is much easier than trying to put in chlorine daily your self and trying to keep the balance up manually at all times.
Chemical adjustment and Shock pool if necessary – No Green Pools Pool Maintenance Monrovia will at times have to shock a pool to get it in the proper balances. This is a process that involves mixing large amounts of the chemicals required and it will rapidly change the pH balances of the pool to stop the water from allowing the growth of those nasty things in your pool. We have you covered. You want to use your pool soon and we will make it possible.
In depth water analysis as needed – Sometimes a pool is just going to play difficult. No Green Pools Pool Maintenance Monrovia will take the water for a more in depth water analysis if we need to. We will not let any pool beat us at our own game so have faith, we will get it resolved what ever the issue may be. We have not been bested yet and it isn’t going to start with your pool. This is a service that is available if needed but chances are we will have it resolved far before this is necessary.

A call to No Green Pools Pool Maintenance Monrovia could be the best thing you do for the relationship between you and your Pool. It seems everyone who maintains their own pool has a love hate relationship with it. Let us make it into nothing but love. We have very good pricing to make it more than worth while for you to have us do the work for you. There is no reason why you cant love your pool and not have to put in all the difficult work required to keep it up. We will handle it all and you will do nothing but enjoy your pool. Call us today!