Residential Pool Service & Upgrades Monrovia, CA

Residential Pool Service, Repairs, & Upgrades

Construction of a pool patio with a beautiful pool as the center of attraction is a dream of a house owner. Like every dream this also comes with the cost of diligent upkeep. Your personal soother and relaxer need care and maintenance to prevent it from losing its glory!  

No Green Pools is the answer to all your problems. We ensure that your pool splendor remains intact. Your customized taste along with our experts opinion and technicians work will make your pool a visual and mental treat. 

  • We provide services that are performed by our staff person. Along with this we even provide assistance to owners who want to work by themselves and perform their own pool choruses. 
  • We provide the daily and weekly maintenance of the pool. This involves the performance of water analysis, checking and repairing any faults in pool pumps, heaters, filters, pipes, wires and any other equipment in the pool system. The cleaning of skimmers and removing any pool debris. Any problem occurs in the machinery or the water elements lose their proportion will be fixed in an instant by us. 
  • We have fully equipped experts and decorators who help in the construction of a pool from scratch. Your ideas and aspirations can all be a part of reality. All your dreams and ideas can be turned into practical realities by our professionals. Along with it a redecoration or reconstruction of pool deck or patio can be done as per you wish and taste by our specialists. 
  • We even offer amenities to enhance the physical beauty of your domestic relaxer. This involves the renovations, resurfacing, making new walls and re painting of the pool. Along with it complete retiling of the pool is also offered.  
  • In case of any fault or leak; be it in the electrical wires or under or over ground plumbing feel free to contact us. We even provide and assist with equipment update and its installation. 
  • Pool opening and closing at appropriate times become our responsibility and never your problem. Winterization with proper assurance of the fact that the lines will not freeze off is also done. Solar and winter insulation covers and their installments are also provided by us. 
  • Pool service is a highly time consuming work. Each of the activity requires a complete understanding and a lot of time. You can save yours and hire us to perform it with extreme precision and care. 

We believe in the long life of your swimming pool which provides comfort to you the pool owner. Our daily maintenance focuses on the long term health of your swimming pool therefore we aim to minimize your hefty expenditures and ensure that they are done at the right time, as a result of which the efficiency of your swimming pool will only increase. 

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