Residential Spa Service Monrovia, CA

Residential spa service

Leisure and pleasure are words synonym to spa service. Feel free to pamper yourself now on an everyday basis as spa are now no longer a facility that one can take from a lavish salon or resort only; but is now available for personal pampering as a domestic service also.

Spas require more care and maintenance in comparison to a normal pool. as this is not only a way to entertain oneself but also a means to relax the arousing nerves in one’s body and refresh the mind for a better thinking.

We have special trained staff who are spa service specialists. They know exactly what the needs of a spa are and cater to those special needs in a way which will enhance the look and purpose of your spa.

We help you to open and close spas at the relevant time. The closing is performed at the arrival of winters with proper suctioning of water and installation of proper covers to avoid damage to the spa. At the start of the pool session we help to start the pool. We check on the spa at its body for any problem that may have arisen during the off season. We perform winterization keeping in mind the delicate nature of spas and ensuring that the plumbing lines don’t freeze off in the winters.

Weekly and bi weekly maintenance of spa; we send our experts for a routine checkup of your spa. In this checkup water testing to check and perform chemical proportion and adjustment is done. The spa surface is cleaned, rubbed, scrubbed and sanitized. Spa filters are cleaned and debris and dust removed along with the mechanicals checked. Draining and refilling of spa is also performed every three or four months or as per the request and needs of the owners.

We can even use special cleaners to perform filter cleaning in complete depth. The timespan and charges will depend on the size of the filter. As we believe in charging for the work we do only!

Moving to a new house, well you just have to worry about the other things as your spa move is our responsibility. We will disconnect, reconstruct, check for repairs make proper connections and fill the tub for you to come and relax after the hard work of shifting.

If you want to maintain and care for your spa single handedly; we will provide you with assistance. Our experts will guide you with the water analysis, jet, heater, and other water treatments and care which your spa will regularly require.

We even provide parts, chlorine, chemicals and sanitizers at your doorstep. You don’t have to go at any place to purchase these essential elements. Just give us a call and we will provide you with the most authentic and best quality product as per the need of your spa.

The complete solution to your own spa is with us. With care and diligence we will help you uphold the splendor  of your spa.

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